Lord Wolfram Nightbreeze

The ruler of Meillis


Familiar: snake Caster level: high enough to cast Disintegrate


The former ruler of Meillis, recently deceased.

According to recent reports, an assassin from Phealtos made an attempt on Lord Nightbreeze’s life. Lord Nightbreeze was able to escape unharmed, but interpreted the assassination attempt as an act of war, and the Meillis army has begun making preparations for battle.

Lord Nightbreeze is greedy, selfish and wildly unpopular. He’s a half-elf, and a little chubby (hey, he likes his food). The assassin was actually a Meillis-based insurgent, rather than a citizen of Phealtos. The assassination attempt, however, provided Lord Nightbreeze with just the excuse he needed to declare war on Phealtos – not that he actually cares about Phealtos, but it’s a good excuse to become more tyrannical without sparking a full-scale rebellion.

Of course, there was still a strong disliking of him; for some, tightening his grip on the populace only fueled their hatred. Notably, the Blackbirds, a local resistance movement that had the full support of every local thieves’ guild, continued their attempts to kill Lord Nightbreeze (despite the fact that last time they tried, it just gave him an excuse to go to war). Eventually the a member of the Blackbirds, with the help of the PCs, was able to kill Lord Nightbreeze by summoning a very large and powerful earth elemental.

Lord Wolfram Nightbreeze

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