Chaos, Inc.

Just Before the War
A brief run-down of what's going on

Brief recap: Flame has nearly caused a war between Phealtos and Meillis, and has been hired by the merchant rulers of Goswarth to protect Goswarth’s sovereignty. The PCs have also been tasked with finding a dragon rumored to live to the north, so that Goswarth might gain another ally in its bid for survival. After a long trek through the dragon’s lair, the party meets the dragon, and negotiations commence…

After stealing some magic items from a dragon and breaking away from the main party, Flame heads to Meillis and joins the army as a mercenary. Meanwhile, the rest of the party heads back to Goswarth with Swiftwing, their new dragon ally.

Upon arriving in Goswarth, the main party gets a divination that causes them to think Flame betrayed them. The party quickly meets up with Bloodeye, Flame’s arch nemesis, and a mysterious cloaked figure who was sent to assassinate Flame. The PCs, Bloodeye and the cloaked man leave for Meillis. At the same time, Flame has left Meillis in the direction of Goswarth, along with some newly acquired mercenary allies.

After a day and a half, the two groups meet on the road. It doesn’t take long for Viper, the cloaked assassin, to make an attempt on Flame’s life; after that, all hell breaks loose. It takes some persuasion, and the death of Viper and Bloodeye, but eventually (nearly) everyone agrees to a truce. Flame, meanwhile, had been blinded and deafened by Bloodeye. The mercenaries take this opportunity to point out that Flame is believed to be secretly working for Phealtos, so they might want him dead, too.

Everyone decides to head back to Meillis and ask the army commander what’s going on, so they know if Flame needs to die or not (and get Flame healed, just in case he deserves to live). The army commander reveals that the Lord Nightbreeze, the ruler of Meillis, has some sinister motives for going to war with Phealtos. The army commander then attempts to kill the PCs and their new mercenary friends, but is quickly defeated. Looks like war is inevitable at this point.

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