Tag: Place


  • Phealtos

    A human kingdom, at war with [[Meillis]] over the control of [[Goswarth]]. The first thing that many travelers notice is how prejudiced the citizens of Phealtos are against other races. Nor is it just the commoners. The nobles tend to be even more …

  • Meillis

    A very racially-mixed nation, due to its nature as a federation of smaller states. Even some races typically considered "uncivilized", such as lizardfolk and centaurs, can sometimes be found in Meillis's cities. Due to its racially mixed nature, Meillis …

  • Goswarth

    The town of Goswarth is a significant trade center, located in the politically unstable region between [[Phealtos]] and [[Meillis]]. Currently, Goswarth is sovereign, the de facto capitol of the region sometimes known as the "[[Goswarthian Territory]]". …

  • Dampstone

    A large city in [[Phealtos]]. Supposedly the location of a famous dungeon (i.e. underground prison) that "nobody escapes from".