Tag: dead


  • Bloodeye

    An evil gnome who used to be disguised as the leader of a band of goblin thieves. Bloodeye hates Flame, because Bloodeye lost a bet with Flame that made him Flame's servant for a year. Killed in battle by Kreskor (a lizardfolk mercenary of Meillis), …

  • Viper

    A mysterious cloaked assassin sent to kill Flame. His real name is not known. Deceased. Killed by Flame upon their first meeting.

  • Lord Wolfram Nightbreeze

    The former ruler of Meillis, recently deceased. According to recent reports, an assassin from Phealtos made an attempt on Lord Nightbreeze's life. Lord Nightbreeze was able to escape unharmed, but interpreted the assassination attempt as an act of war …